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"Qualities To Look for in a Sexual Assault Attorney"

Experiencing sexual assault at work can be an alarming event. What makes it even more worrying is that it can be tough to know how to proceed after an incident. Comments or physical acts can be clear signals of sexual harassment. One of the be...

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"When Can You Sue for Assault?"

Most people assume assault as a crime, but in other cases, it can refer to a wrongful act that a client has been subjected to. Assault is defined as a purposeful act by one person that creates a fear of imminent harmful or offensive contact Assault doesn't alwa...

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"Why You Need a Personal Injury Assault Attorney"

Being seriously injured can be a life-threatening experience that can scar you for life. The severity of your injury can disrupt your career, family life and, most importantly, your health. Depending on your accident's nature, you can undergo lo...

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"Choose Why Flagler Personal Injury Group"

We are a top-rated firm that specializes in personal injury. We have a great team of experienced and professional lawyers that go the extra step to ensure that clients get all they need during the trying period of seeking compensation. We represent clie...

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"Case Evaluation is the First Step to Your Injury Recovery"

Participating in an evaluation procedure is the first step to recovering your injuries and damage from an accident due to neglect. Our Miami personal injury lawyer team can help you with the process. We work hard to make sure you unders...

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"A Case Evaluation Helps You Understand If Your Case Is Worth Pursuing"

Working with an experienced and professional Miami car accident lawyer can help you get advice on your case's merit. An experienced and dedicated lawyer can tell you about other similar cases and talk with you about your p...

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"Importance of Personal Injury Case Evaluations"

If you have been injured due to others' negligence, you should consider your legal rights before writing off your injuries and carrying on with your life. It would help if you got your legal and medical services paid for after being hurt by anothe...

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"Importance of getting a lawyer who is always motivated to help you"

The truth is that well-motivated lawyers, legal assistants, and any other legal personnel come in handy in every legal situation. A motivated lawyer can help accomplish the clients' goals and reinforce the idea that you can exp...

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"Experienced Lawyers Understand the Legal Process"

One of the most helpful benefits of working with an experienced lawyer is their ability to explain complex legal concepts to you. Most victims are not familiar with the legal process even though they might know what their injury settlement is wo...

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a month ago
Excellent attorneys that were very attentive and accessible. Hands down my go to attorney from now on. Would recommend to friends and family!
- Natasha D
4 months ago
We were very happy with their professional performance and the personal attention that is a great part of this group's case management. They always made us feel our concerns were important and always took time to discuss the specifics of what was going on . also how we were handling our finances while injured. I can't say enough of how we felt we had the right team on our side always. You can't get a better advocate for you or your family. God bless them all.
5 months ago
Mr. Stroleny is impeccable! We called regarding a car accident and I couldn't be more satisfied. Highly recommend his firm to my friends and family. You will not be disappointed.
- Keana M

Miami's Permier Personal Injury Firm

Are you searching for the best accident lawyer? Perfect! Miami accident lawyer will help you in dealing with your accident cases professionally and strategically. Accidents are quite common in Miami, but you are not supposed to suffer because of someone else’s carelessness. You should be adequately compensated for the loss and the overwhelming experience.

Here are the top 4 things that you should know before hiring lawyers for your case.

Initial Consultations are Typically Free

Some may not even reach out to lawyers thinking they are expensive. But what you don’t know is that the initial consultation is free.  Our injury lawyer Miami offers free initial consultation on whether you can discuss the necessary information surrounding the case and whether or not you need a case that needs representation.

Never Underestimate Experience

When it comes to car accident lawyers, the experience is one of the most critical factors that affect the decision. But with most of the lawyers, their practice is limited to one to two types of law. But with Miami personal injury lawyer, you don’t have to worry about anything as such. Our layers are highly experienced in various kinds of cases and know how to handle them.

Ambulance Chasers are Bad News

This practice isn’t ethical. If an accident lawyer Miami approaches you at the car accident scene and offers, their services don‘t take undue advantage of such a situation. Ambulance chasing is intensely frowned upon in the legal community.

Know What You are Paying For

Now you are already aware of the fact that the initial consultation is free but not the services that are rendered afterwards. Before you sign up any contract with the accident lawyers, be 100% sure about the fees you are paying for. But with Miami personal injury lawyer, you don’t have to worry about anything because our charges are transparent and always upfront. We always let our clients know what they are paying for.

Questions you must ask your accident lawyers before hiring.

  • What are their peer reviews?
  • What percentage of their cases are referrals from other lawyers.
  • Do they send “solicitation” letters to potential client’s home after an accident?
  • Do they only charge a fee if there is a recovery?
  • Do they have the financial and staffing resources to take on the case?
  • What kind of cases do they handle on a daily basis?
  • Are they a member of a legal organization that specializes in representing the injured?

Why Choose Us?

Miami accident lawyer is committed to making your life easy. With a team of highly professional lawyers by your side, you can fight for your case in the courtroom. That not all! Our slip and fall lawyer Miami, will study your case and provide you with important resources and information. This will help you get the peace of mind, and you don’t have to worry about anything. We utilize our extensive experience and expertise to help you use the law to defend yourself and get the justice you deserve.

Flagler Personal Injury Group
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Flagler Personal Injury Group is the best Personal Injury Lawyers Group in Miami and they serve all of Miami.

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